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About Us

Merchant Partners provides a global internet-overlay network focused on providing secure, reliable, real-time transaction management. Transactions are captured at the POS through either our dial, IP or Host-to-Host communications network and presented to the corresponding banking or private network platform.

Merchant Partners is Visa CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) and MasterCard SDP (Site Data Protection Program) compliant, and uses a variety of encryption methods including the 3DES encryption standard for Pin Debit transactions to secure each transaction across our network. Our proprietary Internet-overlay network is managed in house by Merchant Partners on a real-time redundant secure network.

The network is built for moving any type of real-time data such as financial transactions including Credit Card, Debit Card (Pin and Pin-less) Check (Authorization, Verification, and Guarantee), ACH (Debit, Credit, Conversation and Imaging), and micro-payments as well as quasi-financial network transactions including Gift, Rewards, Loyalty, Prepaid, Stored Value, and other non-financial instruments.

Merchant Partners' origins date from its founding in 1994 as ATS (Automated Transaction Services, Inc.), the first online transaction processing gateway.

The Gateway was and continues to be a pioneer in the online commerce industry allowing merchants the ability to process real-time credit, debit (Pin and Pin-less) cards, ACH and Check transactions over the web, on the phone and through the Internet.

In 1999 ATS was acquired by Merchant Commerce and partnered with industry leaders such as IBM, Mind Spring, Intershop, and others to power their transaction switches for merchant acquiring.

In January of 2004 Merchant Commerce was acquired by Merchant Partners. Merchant Partners provides core merchant services solutions to merchants worldwide through its online platform that powers some of the best known businesses including SAM’S Club, FiServ, and Sallie Mae to name a few. Merchant Partners is a registered ISO of HSBC and Wells Fargo Bank.

Additional Services From Merchant Partners

Merchant Accounts / Credit Card Processing

Our partnerships with leading account providers will help you get your business up and running quickly. Accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, and JCB via Online Charge™ .

Electronic Check Processing

Give your consumers the option of paying via Online Check™ .

Automated Recurring Billing

Easy to use automated billing of recurring payments.

Fraud and Risk Management

Customizable fraud and risk management system helps you maximize sales and minimize risk.

Membership Billing

Add "premium" content areas to your web site that can only be accessed for a fee.

Online Merchant Account

The first step toward accepting payments online is to acquire an Internet merchant account. Without a merchant account, businesses cannot accept credit cards and may miss out on more than 60% of their sales opportunities.

Wireless Payment Processing

Merchant Partners Software wireless capabilities give you the option of processing transactions from any location that your WAP enabled phone or wireless PDA has service.


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"Merchant Partners Payment Gateway Solutions have allowed us to integrate payment processing solutions directly into our applications simplifying credit card processing for our customers."

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