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Emulator Integration Instructions

Merchant Partners has developed a tool to support processing through the Merchant Partners payment gateway with shopping carts that support as the payment gateway and do not list Merchant Partners as an integrated partner.

The Merchant Partners Emulator works with the AIM (Advanced Integration Method) method of and not the SIM (Simple Integration Method) method.

Below are the step-by-step instructions to integrate a shopping cart. This will direct payments to the Merchant Partners payment gateway for secure payment processing. Supported Credit Card transaction types are Credit Card Pre-Auth, Post-Auth, Sale, Void, Refund, and Credit. Support ACH transaction types are ACH Pre-Auth.

Note-This emulator can only be used if the transaction processing URL in the shopping cart can be modified to point to the transaction processing URL included below.

In order to use the Merchant Partners gateway you must first create a Merchant PIN in the Online Merchant Center.

  • Login to the Online Merchant Center
  • Go the Frisk™ Management menu/Configure Options
  • Under API Controls select “Edit” for Merchant PIN
  • Select the “Create your own PIN” option and create a 16 character Merchant PIN.
  • Set it to “Required for Transaction Processing”

Once that is complete you can now proceed with integrating your Merchant Partners gateway account with your shopping cart.

  • Select in your shopping cart as the gateway.
  • Enter your 5 digit Merchant Partners Acct ID in the “API Login ID” field.
  • Enter your 16 digit Merchant PIN in the “Transaction Key” field.
  • If applicable, enter your 16 digit Merchant PIN in the “md5hash” field.
  • Replace the current transaction processing URL with:


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