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Check Reader hardware


TellerScan TS215 Digital Check

TellerScan TS215

Check reader and imager. Connects to the serial port on your PC.
Magtek miniMICR USB Magtek Mini MICR USB The Mini MICR enables retailers to easily format the data to match any application input requirements.
Magtek MICR Image Magtek MICRImage RS232/USB Supports check reading (MICR) and imaging for check conversion. Connects to the serial port or USB port on your PC.
Panini My X Vision Panini My Vision X Check scanner designed to read the check MICR line, capture the front and back of the check, and print customized endorsement information.
RDM EC6000i RDM EC6000i Check reader and imager. Optional franking feature available to print "Void" on the checks after scanning. Connects to the serial port on your PC..


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